Sunday, July 25, 2010

DAY 3 Saturday July 24, 2010

Farmers Market at Keaho, then drive north for the hike into Makalawena. Fun little four wheel drive across the lava field, then gear up for the hike. This beach is my most favorite on the Big Island. The journey begins with passing an abandoned house that was once owned by a wealth Japaneese family who planned to build a resort. The locals said no whay and so it was abandoned. We call it Magoon's, I think because of something we read somewhere. It is most magical. The hike after is a tad brutal across a lava field. Takes about a half hour. I highly recomend tennis or hiking shoes. The hike is worth every min. The most gorgeous beaches ever await, snorkling is pretty good. There is a back way to 4 wheel in that the locals use, you can camp, I stress the "local use" Beautiful little lagoons to explore. After you tear yourself away from the place you can rinse off in a gorgeous little oaisis, fresh spring surrounded by coconut palms. A local boy treated us to young coconut juice. He climbed up the tree by foot and hand, and then opened the nut with his elbow! Pretty sunburt after this journey. Later that evening we enjoyed a lovely dinner with Bob and Kathy Fitts in their gorgeous home overlooking the Kona sunset. Heavenly

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