Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 4 July 25, 2010
Heading south to Sea Mountain, stopped at Hana Hou for lunch before checking in. Stopped at the black sand beach and watched a lone surfer catch a few before continuing on to SM. We have stayed a few times before but this was by far the best burre we have ever had. Gorgeous ocean front room over looking the golf course and pool and ocean, of course.

Day 5 July 26, 2010
Head further south to Pahoa and then to Pohiki for some hot pond. There is a beautiful thermal pond, small but right on the ocean in the most fantastic jungle. Really uncrowed because of a week day, a few local young families with there adorable keikis learning to swim. On to Ahanahaluie or Isac Hale hot pond. Another thermal pool, much larger with the waves crashing into the warm water. Really special. We stopped at the local health food store in Pahoa and noshed on Breakfast Pizza and a Calzone. Ran into the same family that was in the Pohiki pond earlier. Back to Sea Mountain for a swim and incredible orange full moon. Unforgettable.

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